Within the past few years, there has been an obvious increase in marketing via various social media outlets. Anytime I go on Facebook, there are a bunch of advertisements for fitness related stuff, because that’s what I have listed as my career on my profile. 

A few of them are legit. Most of them are not.

As an actual, real life coach, this bothers me slightly- that you can play on someone's emotional sensitivity and sell them a garbage product with false promises of results. But, hey, that's the free market. I understand that this is the reality of today. Businesses and people are fighting for your attention and your sales, and you know where most people spend their time today?

Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter, so on and so forth. So, that’s where the advertising dollars are going.

How many times have you seen an ad for a fitness program with a guy who has his shirt off, doing some dangerous exercise, that will give you the Hulk's workout plan.... and 10 free nutrition “hacks?”

You, are now saying to yourself, “Wow, should I look like that?” "Do I need to eat chicken, broccoli, and rice for the rest of my life?" 

I'm not sure if this actually helps anyone or it's just confusing people. For the record, the answer is no- unless your goal is to be 6 percent body fat and have no social life outside of the gym. These type of programs aren't all bad, but I hate the mindset. 

That you can do it without the work. That you can skip a few steps. 

Nope. These companies are just taking advantage of you. 

To understand why I feel like a slushie gave me brainfreeze by some of the stuff I see, I’m going to tell you why coaching is such a fun profession. As many people learn fitness and nutrition from me, I also learn from them. I am particularly fascinated with people and the knowledge that they have. What makes them successful in business? How do they balance work and family life? Why have they pursued better health- now of all times?

The fitness industry is unique in that we have the opportunity to meet new people every day and learn from what they have done, where they have been, and why they got to where they are. I think that’s pretty cool. It takes time, but once people open up you can learn a ton of lessons AND help them reach their goals.

It’s the relationship you build with someone. The trust. The mutual accountability. It's pretty rad.

Where I work, there’s a member who will go unnamed, but this dude absolutely crushes it. If you saw the phrase “happy go lucky” in the dictionary, his picture should be next to it. One day as we’re setting up a circuit for one of my classes, he comes up and says:

“Do you need help with anything?”

In response, I said, “Sure, just set out a few med balls over there for me, thanks!”

Many people do this, but his response to this was really profound, and still something we joke about all the time.

He said, “I’m trying this new thing, where I’m part of the solution, not the problem.”

I nearly stopped what I was doing in the middle of class.

Isn’t that inspiring?

Ever since he said that, I’ve been trying to have the same mindset.

What I think is particularly applicable in this crazy online marketplace of a world, is the amount of services that are available to people these days. There are always people that are selling newer and “better” strategies, products, or ideas. Social media pushes it in our faces constantly. But to me, that must be so frustrating if you are new to the fitness world. This guy says this. That guy says the opposite. Do this. Don’t ever do that.

How are people supposed to navigate the online space and figure out the best way to proceed?

Part of the issue that this creates- is that people don’t know where to start. There’s so much sales funneling and magic pill marketing going on that people get lost in the fray. It must be scary. It must be intimidating. 

Have you ever seen an ad that says, “Try this technique out for the next 2 years, master it, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

Probably not.

It’s probably more like, “Buy this 30 day X, Y, Z, and lose 30 pounds, cleanse your colon, get shredded, build a multi million dollar business in 2 weeks, blah blah blah.”

Sounds freaking great, but what gets left out of the equation is the years of dedication, hard work, and sacrifice that it takes to reach your big goals. 

Listen, there are lots of solutions. But do they really address YOUR personal roadblocks?

I truly want to help you. So, you must understand this "secret" first.

The number one most important factor, with anything you want to achieve:


You still have to show up to have a chance to succeed.

You have to step in the batter’s box.

You have to put in the work.

It’s on you.

That is something that no magic pill or cookie cutter exercise program can teach you. You may have the information, but without a drive; a purpose; a reason to get yourself to actually do it, you may as well just burn your $39.95. While I understand the reality of technology, I think my big take home point is that you have to address your own roadblocks and figure out how to conquer them. Through commitment and perseverence. Anything else will seem inauthentic. 

“Listen, if you’re impatient, and you settle for fast food or a quicker method, your experience will be different; and you will probably ruin your appetite in the process.” -Eric Thomas

Stay hungry, keep working,