Hello everyone!

Yes. I know. It’s been quite a while since my last post. A couple months actually.

So, if you’ve been waiting by your computer anxiously for this moment, thank you! I’m back. Today I’d like to share a few things with you. The first, is a concept that hit me mid drive on the way to work. I originally learned if from Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a really inspirational figure for many people these days in the world of social media. Gary is a guy who many people know well for his outspoken nature and the amount of straight up action he delivers to his audience. But, he keeps it real, and honesty is a good thing these days.

One day I listened to Gary being interviewed on a podcast (EOFire, which Meg LOVES on road trips) and he said this:

“It’s a constant grind. It’s about work ethic. It’s about really really really pushing it, but, it’s also understanding that you can never waiver from what you believe in.”


The reason being, as he went on to explain, is that your audience and the people you influence are constantly evolving. At some point, the light bulb is going to go on for someone. Maybe not on the first, second, or third attempt. Maybe it takes 19 times for someone to have that moment, it doesn’t matter. It will happen one way or another. Sometimes it just takes a a little longer.

My Epiphany: Deanne

Deanne is one of the clients who I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the past few years. She came in needing some guidance on pretty normal stuff for a mother of 3 who had been out of the gym for a few years.

Weight loss. Strength. Mobility.

At the end of the day, we all want to look better, feel better, and move like ninjas at a Phish show.

Note: I don't own this video, and I think the person who put it up on YouTube dubbed in the Phish music, but either way it's hilarious. I love how this guy breaks it dowwwwn. All credit to him. 

So, I had been working with Deanne for maybe… a year and a half. We started to have some injury setbacks. She got more nervous and frantic because the scale wasn’t changing. She started to doubt herself. She was right to, I mean, she was putting in the work; hustling; grinding; but had no results to show for it.

I just kept reassuring her that she had to stop worrying and keep at it. She had to make her own changes that worked for her. But, that was easy for me to say.

Eventually, it got to the point where her body just said no. Deanne was worn out. Her joints were cranky and inflamed. She was stressed, anxious, and wondered what she was doing wrong. She took some time off from training, and I was happy to see her do it.

It was time for her to figure it out on her own terms. Without me, without the pressure of getting to the gym, and without anyone’s opinion but her own. In the end, she was in her own head, and I knew that. I even talked to her about giving her an opportunity with another trainer. I wanted to help her that badly.

And then, she let go of what was holding her back.

She started to believe.

To believe, in herself.

Yup. That’s the key.

She started taking a more serious, balanced approach to her diet. She was smarter about exercise, being more mindful of incorporating rest days. Deanne even started trying new foods, types of exercise, and embraced that it’s okay when things don’t go as planned.

To date, I think Deanne has lost over 50 pounds, is looking shredded, and is more confident in herself than I’ve ever seen her. She’s crushing it, and I couldn’t be more proud.

So we went from Gary to Deanne, but why?

Okay, I'll tell you.

Deanne helped me realize why what Gary was saying is so important. Know who you are trying to help, and stand strong with your message through the process. Don’t waiver. 

For Deanne, it was all about faith. You have to believe in yourself like you believe in nothing else. You’ve got to put the pedal to the floor and keep pushing forward. Eventually, the time will come where your goals are in sight. 

Hopefully no one is crying. I told her story because:

  1. She said it was okay.
  2. Everyone has been there.

Keep working towards your goals. You may hit some snags along the way, but that’s kind of the fun part.

Thanks team. You are awesome.

PS. Deanne is such a badass she tattooed “Believe in yourself” on her forearm. Yeah. Not kidding.

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