Sometimes we all need to slap in the face.

Something to wake us up from our pursuit of mediocrity. A gentle reminder to say that we are only on earth ONE TIME. We get complacent from time to time, but today I want to share some things that have changed my thinking, motivated me, or just kept me in line. Inspiration can come from a lot of places, and it's important that we have things that continue to push us to new levels. Maybe they'll give you some direction too.

Photo Credit: Skitter Photo, Stocksnap.IO

Photo Credit: Skitter Photo, Stocksnap.IO

The Homeless

One day I was walking through downtown Portsmouth, and I passed a group of homeless guys on the street. They were broing out, like they were buddies or something. Like they had some sort of common thread in society and took comfort in knowing that they all had been down on their luck.

Who knows what their situation was. Maybe they made a series of bad choices that led them away from a job or a family. But, it doesn’t matter, they were there. Standing in 20 degree, snowy New Hampshire weather.  

Well, part of me is not inspired by this. I’m a believer in controlling your situation, regardless of the outcome. Whatever happens, it’s on you to own it and get past it. But, with that, I was like man, two or three bad hands in life can land you in a dark place. It doesn’t take much.

However, I was inspired by the fact that these guys were just chillin’, enjoying each other’s company, even though they had only what they carried. It made me thankful for what I have, and gave me perspective in that moment. 

We can all learn from that.

My Clients

I am so lucky! People work hard for me- and for themselves! It’s so impressive. Sweat dripping off their face, coming in at the break of dawn, or staying late to work on technique. I love it.

When I coach, sometimes I get this shit-eating grin. Everyone knows what it means.

This is going to suck for them, but I know they can do it. Usually it’s during a hard AF MetCap circuit or something taxing like that.

For a while, I tried to deny it. But, whatever, I might as well embrace it. Yes, the grin means that whatever is coming next will be hard. It will test you. It will make you work for it. It’s not because I want to inflict serious DOMS on your body. To be honest, coaches that intend to make you super sore or make you yack up breakfast solely for that purpose are… not good coaches. They clearly don’t understand the whole consistency over intensity concept. Enough soapboxing for one day, though.  

Now, here’s why I smile like that. I get so amped when people are in the grind. Embracing the uphill like a boss. It’s inspiring to me, and to everyone around them. It’s the process of growth that I try to teach people to thrive in, and working on yourself in any facet is awesome.


Specifically, kids that have not developed the fear emotion. There are 4 year olds out there who will SEND IT off of any jump - touch any animal they encounter – or walk up to another kid and hold their hand. No fear of anything- injury, heights, scary animals, rejection, or the unknown.

They just play, and explore, and have fun. Something we all need to do more of.

That’s pretty inspiring in itself. When we have downtime, sometimes is okay to just detach. Turn the phone off and be present. Play. Act like an idiot. Meg says I'm always an idiot, but because you are reading this on the internet it’s okay, I’ll vouch for you.

While we’re crushing it at the gym, and working our way up the chain with our careers, don’t forget to find your center and be with it. If you forget, just go to the park and watch kids for a while.


Don’t, under any circumstances do that. Ever. Unless you have an affection for police officers trying to arrest you. 


I don’t just mean sports teams or at work. More on the human to human teamwork. We sacrifice for each other all the time. We compromise and plan so that everyone can get to the gym or get a healthy meal in, all while making sure the kids get picked up on time. It’s all in the effort of progress towards getting what we want.

Finding the right balance can be hard. Sometimes people try to abuse their power and pull us in directions we might not want to go. Other times, we are to blame for our failure to uplift the team. Whatever your role is, teamwork is evident around you whether you know it or not.

For example, I have to do my job, cover my sessions, and help out others when they need it. If one of my team members can't cover a session, I try to have their back. My teammates do the same for me. Without the mutuality, the team bond cannot thrive, and eventually it will show up negatively. 

Another example, say for instance, you take a flight somewhere. Doesn’t matter, let’s say you’re flying to San Diego in search for the best fish taco on earth. If you've seen Anchorman, you know what the city name means.

The flight attendants and pilot ask you to follow directions, buckle your seatbelt, stay in your seat until after take off, and not smoke on the flight. They ask this of you so they can do their job to the best of their ability. And we comply because we want the safest possible flight, not 180 drunk and unruly passengers. There is teamwork in that.

I’m not hyped like CT Fletcher because of service on flights or anything, but I notice little pieces of teamwork all the time. People working to help each other succeed.

It’s pretty sweet. You help me, and I help you. 

The equation is pretty simple, isn't it?