We've all heard the horror stories about someone getting rhabdo from exercising too much, passing out because they are doing a water and cayenne pepper detox vitamin packet cleanse, and our endless search for the ONE quick fix supplement to cure our insatiable need to make immediate progress.

Humans will do whatever it takes to skip over the fundamentals in order to (hopefully) get where they want to go. But, too many of us learn the hard way.

Some of us will repeatedly have our self confidence crushed, we will feel enormous self guilt, and a reluctance to start over, again. This merry go round process is the psychologically equivalent to getting run over by a garbage truck. It hurts and it smells bad, so we have a hard time getting back to it.

This is the problem with extremism approaches. It’s all or nothing. Win or lose. Most times we quit before we even have the chance to see which one.

I can, in many cases at the very least, applaud the effort because let’s face it: hopefully we’ve learned something.

Here are some things that I have learned that I know “work”:

Hard Work and Effort - Nothing is given in this day in age. Period. It must be earned by you and you alone.

Huh? Seems a bit... optimistic.

Huh? Seems a bit... optimistic.

Discipline and Deliberate Practice - When you get better at something (ex. fitness, weights, nutritional choices, running) it builds confidence, meaning, self esteem, and pride. In this case, you are getting better at managing your own health.

Positivity and optimism - And before you say it, I’m not talking about being blindly positive and never taking ownership of your own mistakes. I’m talking about finding the good and focusing your energy on that. If we focus on negativity we will become it.

Mastery and task oriented goals - This of course, is in contrast to outcome related goals. People respond better to focusing on the one thing in front of them vs. the daunting task of losing all that weight. Just do what you need to do, today, in the next hour, or right in this moment.

Eating real food - Just remember that whole food choices are better processed and more absorbed than supplemental and synthetic ones. So, when you are weighing up which MLM cleanse to do that exclusively uses supplements as the food source, maybe take a peek at something else. Again, supplements are by definition “something that completes or enhances when added to it.” Thank you Yahoo search engine for clearing that up.

Simplicity - We are busy these days. Make things simple. If boring works for you, then do it. Make those decisions easy and they will be easy to make consistently. Over time the results will follow.

Those, are what I’ve got, but here’s another one.

On Target Fitness is running two great programs this Fall. They are Fit in 42 and the Fall Back to Fitness. We do what works.

Fit in 42 is a 6 week complete immersion into fitness and nutrition. It is highly educational and designed to immediately impact the way you think, feel, and treat yo’self.

Fall Back to Fitness is another 6 week program that is designed to give you an idea to see what it’s like in our gym. To see if in fact, this fitness community is right for you and whether those health and fitness goals (that keep coming up over dinner) can be achieved here.

With either program, we think they can. We KNOW they can. Give us a shout by filling out the application for below. Please only fill out the link IF you are ready to overhaul your approach to fitness.



PS: Thanks for reading. It's been a while since I've put something together, but please let me know if I can help you achieve your own fitness goals.