Hey team. Hope you've been enjoying the weather, wherever you are. It's juuuussst starting to turn around here in NH.

Today I just want to send a friendly reminder about how being positive can change your whole approach to whatever you're doing. Not only can it affect you, but it can help shine a light for those around you.

Let me frame it for you. 

Imagine you are grabbing coffee and you order something but have to wait a bit. It's busy. The baristas are running around like a mad-people trying to get everyone their drinks. They're doing the best they can. You usually have two options when you get your delicious concoction.

You can: Say thanks, and walk away (Or be even more brash) ... OR

Make eye contact, Say, "Thank You, Have a great rest of your day."

That person may take your comment and brush it off like nothing happened. But maybe just once that person says in their head, "Wow, that was really nice." They get in a good mood, their stress level lowers, and as a result they're healthier for a while. After all, stress is the trigger for illness a lot of the time. Good health can be contagious, in a way.

Details might not be important to you. But sometimes it's what can make a difference for some people. The world is a tough, cold, place sometimes, and many people are getting the short end of the stick. 

And I'm not talking about being fake. Be genuine. Deliberately try to make a positive impact. You never know what kind of help it can give someone.