Hey team! 

Pretty pumped up today. Not sure if it's because the pain from my wisdom teeth extraction is subsiding or I just drank too much coffee. In any case, life is good.

What I want to chat about today is interesting because it's something that doesn't get talked about a whole lot. I think it will give you a new perspective on how you look at what you're doing, right now.

Last weekend I was pretty laid up, so after going to dinner with a couple friends, the GF and I came home early and watched Interstellar (She also took care of me, thank you!). Now let me say that if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it.  Make an event out of it. After getting done with the film, my brain was complete mush:

In the movie, Anne Hathaway's character is a pretty bright NASA scientist that has a good grasp on the concept of time. In a particularly important scene in the movie, her and McConaughey (Boss) are having a discussion about time; specifically when you are moving through the galaxy. They came up with this profound conclusion:

Time is always moving forward. No matter how you spin it, shake it, or reverse it- you must bend the knee and let it conquer the you.

"Yeah, duh, that's SO early 2000s." 

Think about how you are living your life right now. Exercising and eating right are the best ways to combat aging. There are countless studies to show that the benefits of staying on a solid exercise routine and getting the right nutrients in your body can literally delay the onset of aging and disease. In fact, I even read a study the other day that showed high intensity exercise improved symptoms and physical capacity for people with Parkinson's disease (Check it out: Kelly et al). I could list many more specific diseases and illnesses, but you get the idea.

Every day, your body has to deal with cells called free radicals that can damage other cells in the body. Proper exercise and good nutrition helps neutralize these bad-boys so all that cellular damage doesn't add up on you over time. If you waste all your time eating poor quality foods, not sleeping, boozing, sitting on the couch, etc; you might as well receive a daily dose of this punching yourself in the face.

Not only are you doing yourself a disservice, but think about the all the great people you'll have around you in the future. I know I'll get some people who will say, "If you're saying I only have a certain amount of time, why should I use my time exercising and eating foods that I don't like." I get that. There are the "live in the moment" people and and there are the "live for the future" people. Drake even wrote a song about it (#YOLO).

Lets be real here. Why not live in a world where you can have both?

Start by experimenting. You don't have to lift, run, swim, or bike (although being stronger is the bomb). Find something active you like to do, and do it. Try some new healthy foods. What do you have to lose? You should be using health to enhance your life, and not letting your poor health pull you down. Nobody is perfect, myself included. Finding a BALANCE is crucial to how you will live out your life. 

Don't let me depress you either. Just be aware that the health decisions you make now are shaping your life for the future.